June Newsletter

…like Mercury retrograde on steroids

June marks a watershed period in the course of the Earth’s present story of existence. Actions that are taken at this time will set in motion intense, deep and transformative events that will effect us all well into the next decade. In many respects June will be like Mercury retrograde on steroids so pay attention to your communications and actions with the world around you and maybe postpone travel for later in the summer as it will be rife with glitches during this time.

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April Newsletter

Lifting the veils of confusion

There comes a time in the history of both nations  and beings - when the veils of confusion  lift and  the true effects of our past actions are more clearly defined. This is the recognition of the effects of Karma and Dharma - or cause and effect. It is then that we have the opportunity - if we are trying to live thoughtful, beneficial lives - to recognize the thread of thoughts and actions that have brought us to this moment in time. If we can then overcome any subsequent resistance and fear, we will also notice that this lifting of the veils has highlighted the direction we are facing as we go forward into our future. 

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March Newsletter

A Spiritual Revolution Begins

March 2019 is a long awaited period in the world of astrology, the starting point of a set of major changes that will occur between now and 2020. The powerful and heavy hitting aspects of this period is a perfect time to create long lasting spiritual - and practical - transformations in our lives.

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February Newsletter


Traditionally, Chinese New Years day changes from year to year due to the fact that it always falls on the first day of the new moon during the first lunar month - it represents the Yin energy for the coming year. The animal sign of the coming year (the yang energy), is dependent on the position of the sun at the beginning of the spring season (called LiChun). Because of this, the New Year and the Animal sign of the year do not always start at the same time.

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January Newsletter

January starts off with a blast as Mars the planet of action, war and enthusiasm enters it’s own sign of Aries and joins with Jupiter the planet of bigger, better and more. Jupiter had also enteredit’s own sign of Sagittarius  in November and when a planet enters it’s own sign it makes it effects even stronger. This is creating an atmosphere of unfettered hope and a desire for sweeping change, all while increasing a desire to manifest greater love and compassion.

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