Rainbow Lotus



May 2018 Newsletter

                     an awakening of consciousness begins....


May is here and with it  the warmer weather of the summer season begins - it's my favorite time of year.  


As we settle into the start of the summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere, May will also be bringing us a time of awakening. This month creates an opportunity for great growth on personal and societal levels, beginning a transformative process that will affect all of us on the planet for the next 2 years. Let's make best use of it!


By the middle of the month, the powerful energy of Mars is going retrograde while out of bounds - that is, while it is beyond the normal perameters of it's orbit- which will create an un-predictable energy.  Then on May 16th, this intense Martian energy will become amplified and electrified as it aspects Uranus- the planet of sudden change and transformation, freedom and revolution - all while Uranus is in the midst of changing signs - which is also known as a time of unexpected and unpredictable occurrences.  This added energy of Uranus can be either a transforming factor - lifting you to a higher and greater level of awareness and response ... OR meeting the energetic intensity with anger and raising it to an even more intense level. As always the choice is yours to make.


We can be assured that May will not be boring!  


 This month you have the opportunity to use the intense energies of the Mars and Uranus trine to transform your consciousness beyond your regular habits of  awareness and action and to learn how to use emotion as a fuel to open your Heart and expand your consciousness. If you can do so it will highlight the path leading to the creation of a reality that is for the Highest Good of All Concerned in your life - and societies'..... and just in the nick of time too.

June 2nd & 3rd, 2018

Sacred Touch Usui Reiki

The Secret Method to Attain Happiness
June 2nd & 3rd | Sat & Sun 10-5 each day | Sebastopol, CA | Cost $500 

Reiki, pronounced (Ray-Key) is a hands on healing art which involves the channeling of energy through the hands for the purpose of healing the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Reiki means universal life force energy, which flows through all living things. Reiki can be safely used any time and any place to help all sentient beings achieve greater health and well-being.

In this 2 day intensive you will: 

  • Learn basic and specific hands-on Reiki techniques 
  • Attain all 3 levels of Reiki attunement
  • Become a Reiki Master
  • Receive 2 manuals and a certificate 
  •  Non-refundable $100 deposit to enroll. 

Credit can be applied to another Reiki workshop with in 1 year. No refund day of class. 

For more information contact: 
email: joycmetcalfe@aol.com