March Newsletter

A Spiritual Revolution Begins

March 2019 is a long awaited period in the world of astrology, the starting point of a set of major changes that will occur between now and 2020. The powerful and heavy hitting aspects of this period is a perfect time to create long lasting spiritual - and practical - transformations in our lives.

The north and south nodes of the moon change signs this month and where the lunar nodes are creates the eclipses of the sun and the moon for next 18 months.There will be 2 major eclipses this year - one in May and one in December and these eclipses are on board to have huge effects that will transform our world - both inner and outer. I have said before that eclipses are portends of change and always deal with hidden issues so many secrets will be coming to light during this period of time.

It takes 18 years for the lunar nodes to go thru all the signs of the zodiac and historically, anytime the lunar nodes have moved into the current signs it has had a major impact on the USA:

2001 = Sept 11th

1982 = The on set of the Aids virus

1963 = The Kennedy assassinations

1945 = The bombing of Hiroshima*

Each one of these events changed the way we and the US has experienced the world around us. Uranus the planet of sudden and unexpected change and spiritual awakening, is aspecting Neptune the planet of dreams and fantasies this month adding to the transformative nature of this month and year. The changes we experience this year will effect us for a long time. Pay attention to your dreams this month March 6th is the new moon and also marks the time of Mercury retrograde - so dream your dreams on the 6th and review them during the Mercury retrograde so that, on the Full moon of March 26th you can make them concrete and realized.

*thanks to Joni Patry for her list of lunar node effects.