June Newsletter

…like Mercury retrograde on steroids

June marks a watershed period in the course of the Earth’s present story of existence. Actions that are taken at this time will set in motion intense, deep and transformative events that will effect us all well into the next decade. In many respects June will be like Mercury retrograde on steroids so pay attention to your communications and actions with the world around you and maybe postpone travel for later in the summer as it will be rife with glitches during this time.

On a personal level, our words and actions this month will have long range effects with in our circle of friends and family. Now is the time to watch what you say and do and how you say and do it and to make sure your intentions are clear and beneficial in nature. Take your time in reaching decisions about situations in your life that are important to you and to those you care about. Make sure you have all the correct information needed in order to make sure those important decisions will create your desired outcomes.

The intensity of the month is fueled by Mars (the planet of action and war), and Rahu (signifying ego and worldly desire) forming an exact conjunction on June 12th while exactly opposing Saturn ( the planet of rules boundaries and limitations) conjunct Ketu (signifying spiritual development or evolution). This aspect tends to create erratic and impulsive behavior, unexpected events and aggression and will end on the 22nd of June.

This month is a good time to be careful, keep your head down, don’t engage in aggressive behavior - either personally or in reaction to others- and keep a strong hold on your ego. Make sure your intentions for your life and your future really serve both you and the world around you and then live those intentions in real time.


Reiki is a wonderful way to radiate Unconditional Love and Spiritual Consciousness to the world around you remember the changes you want to see in the world begin with you.....Please join me the last week-end of June.

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June 29th & 30th, 2019

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If you are ready to take responsibility for your life and your effect upon the planet, REIKI will add its healing light to guide your way.

* REIKI is a gentle but profound “laying-on of hands”

* REIKI is a healing art

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You Will:

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 Attain all three levels of REIKI attunement

 Receive 2 REIKI Manuals and a Certificate

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