November Newsletter

Change is afoot

November ushers in a wave of change energetically. Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, the Lunar nodes and the Sun all change signs this month - a harbinger of change. In the beginning of the month we have an opportunity to expand the horizons of our minds and to set new, exciting and inspiring goals. 

Of course certain obstacles are also on this month’s path to change - we will have to let go of the comfortable known and embrace the exciting but often scary unknown. But if we can do so, we will also have an opportunity to create a greater freedom in our lives - and in the lives of others. When we do, hope can be restored and we will begin to see signs that we are FINALLY heading in the right direction - we just have to make sure that we are not loosing sight of what is going on in the present so we can best adjust our positions to achieve the greatest possibilities offered in the future . 

This month the full moon falls on November 22nd - which is Thanksgiving. This full moon creates a wonderful opportunity to set your intentions and hone your plans. Why not plan to have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

And then… a special day appears…. on November 26th the Sun conjuncts Jupiter the planet of blessings and increase, this is a very special and magical time. Opportunities will abound - if you can stay focused, centered and practical to make the most of them.

The month ends as Uranus opposes Venus creating the opportunity to wake up to the truth of an important relationship - the gift of healing is also available as you do.


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