Joy will read the energy blueprint of your body and offers tools and techniques that will create insight and understanding on a body, mind, spirit and emotional level. In every reading you will receive:

  • Spiritual and medical intuitive information. (You may specify if you wish an emphasis on one or the other.)
  • An understanding of your connection and contracts with the people/animals in your life.
  • Energy exercises that will help you to create and maintain a greater level of health and well-being.
  • The tools and information you most need to create the life that is for your Highest Good at this time.
  • Energetic support so that you may best understand and utilize the information given.


Unresolved conflicts have a habit of repeating themselves. Anytime you have an unresolved conflict, whether in this lifetime or another, it causes your energy to become “stuck” and prevents you from being fully present in present time. You cannot manifest effectively in life if you are not able to access all of your energy. This causes you to repeat the conflict in an attempt to resolve it. During a regression, Joy puts you into a relaxed state using a variety of techniques that will switch your focus from left-brain to right-brain. She then guides you to the unresolved conflict and allows you to resolve it from a higher point of knowledge. Resolving the conflict in this way lets you release the “stuck” energy and bring it forward into present time.