April Newsletter

Lifting the Veils of Confusion 

There comes a time in the history of both nations  and beings - when the veils of confusion  lift and  the true effects of our past actions are more clearly defined. This is the recognition of the effects of Karma and Dharma - or cause and effect. It is then that we have the opportunity - if we are trying to live thoughtful, beneficial lives - to recognize the thread of thoughts and actions that have brought us to this moment in time. If we can then overcome any subsequent resistance and fear, we will also notice that this lifting of the veils has highlighted the direction we are facing as we go forward into our future. 

It is then that an important moment of decision occurs - do we continue in this direction - leave things as they are with perhaps a few tweaks and adjustments? Or do we in effect,  wipe the slate clean and begin again … re-positioning ourselves with the hope for a greater present and a better future…..

The month of  April is asking us to begin the process of deciding how we will go forward at this juncture in time, as it continues the lifting of the veils which began with March’s Mercury retrograde. Of course any time a potentially great change is about to be made it is important to thoughtfully and clearly gather the information necessary to make relevant and beneficial actions. This opportunity to gather the information necessary for a transformation of consciousness will hit peaks of intensity in May and June AND September but it’s presence will be felt through out 2020. As I said in last month’s newsletter -we have been given a gift of time in which we can create long lasting  - and practical -  transformations in our lives AND in our country if we choose to use the opportunity wisely.

This period of time  - and this month in particular  - begins to peel back the layers of confusion that have been surrounding us on both personal levels and within our Governments.  By the end of this month greater clarity will occur - perhaps causing shock and surprise. But then we need to decide what to do with the truth(s) that have been revealed. Do we ignore them because we just can’t…. or do we take a deep breath and recognize and heal the soul wounds we carry  while we face the truth of the present and the spector of the future. It is only by seeing things exactly as they are with no opinion or blame  that we can  begin to transform what is not for the Highest Good in our reality.

With the New Moon on April 5th we will experience some beneficial energies surrounding  our relationship to animals and pets, the foods we eat, the money we spend and the Spiritual practice we do. This is a good time to put these areas of your life in better order and to align yourself more effectively with truth and inner freedom. This is the time that a deeper awakening of the Spiritual truth  of  do unto others  can be employed - these beneficial energies will continue to effect us most strongly until the next new moon.

The full moon on April 19th in many ways will be reactivating the energies and effects felt with the full moon of March. It will create an awareness that things are not right but a feeling that the necessary actions to make them right are not available. There will be opportunities to begin resolving this frustrating dilemma as the month ends - we need to just make use of them.

This month is all about recognizing that positive change can occur and holding tightly to that faith and the constancy necessary  to allow those transformations to manifest.