May Newsletter

MAY 2019

time to trust your inner truth

This month starts with a gathering of the energies that will slowly grow for the remainder of the year and then ripen into 2020. They may seem volatile at times - especially this month - and will effect us on all levels of reality - even down to the weather. Expect the unusual cold weather being experienced in many parts of the world to continue through the end of this month.

Mars, the planet of war, discord and aggressive action, is conjuncting Rahu the north node of karma of actions this month and will create intense energy - tending towards emotionally charged reactivity which will stir up unresolved issues of the past. These situations are being brought to the surface now in order to create the opportunity for a change in the way we deal with ourselves and others in our world. Keep your head down, stay calm and don't respond in kind to any anger or aggression sent your way, instead try to understand the truth of the situation so you can best resolve it.

With the New Moon on the 5th of May the tone is set for a step by step achievement of practical goals. A tendency to forge ahead to achieve your goals for the future is very strong until the 15th of May - just make sure your enthusiasm for change doesn’t rush you pell mell into emotionally charged situations that will then need to be carefully managed - stay grounded and focused.

The sweet spot of the month occurs on the 15th when Venus enters Taurus and an energetic blessing occurs, calming our hearts and opening our minds to new ways of being in the world. Then, on the 16th, Mercury trines Saturn and important truths emerge - we need only be willing to hear and accept them.

May 18th is the full moon and opposes Mercury, creating the need for clear, honest, communication in order to make the most of the opportunities around us. As is usually the case in this physical reality, patience and persistence are needed now to lead us to the achievement of our dreams and desires.

The last weeks of May have some unpredictable and powerful moments - especially from the standpoint of morals and compassion. The theme continues to be about doing the work necessary to experience the growth we need to prosper as a planet and as souls.

Now we are encouraged to review our intentions behind our actions to see whether they are ultimately for the greater good of all - or more selfishly motivated. Any veils of illusion thru which we view reality will thin, giving us a good opportunity to see the truth if we can keep an open and un-opinionated mind. This theme will be present through out the year and will really take precedence in 2020. We are witnessing a turning point in humanity.

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