October Newsletter

for Hate is never conquered by Hate 
Hate is conquered by Love 
this is the Divine and Immutable Truth of this reality

It’s October, and as I write this, the month has begun with great intensity - in fact life on the planet right now seems fraught with intensity, vitriol and the need for change.

Highlighting it all, Venus the planet of the Divine Feminine, of love, creativity, and interrelationships has gone into retrograde - and will come the closest to the Earth that it gets during the course of it’s orbit in the next few weeks.

Venus retrogrades about every 18 months and this retrograde’s teachings are offering us an opportunity to come together and learn important lessons on global and interpersonal relationship levels. It is heralding the rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness - or Oneness Consciousness which is the cornerstone of this time of change. This rise of consciousness highlights the need to recognize and to change existing social patterns in your life that no longer - or perhaps never did - serve you - or others. It is a time of experiencing aspects of that consciousness that have been repressed or suppressed by it’s antithesis - fear/hate.

The Retrograde lasts 40 days and ends the day after the November 6th elections in the States, when Venus will again move forward in the sky. What is called “ the shadow period” of the retrograde will continue until November 16th when Venus again enters the exact degree of the sign it was in (10 degrees Scorpio) when the retrograde began.

This time of the retrograde is a perfect opportunity to study, research and assess the nature and inherent value of things and situations in your life, but it is not the best time to commit to a plan of action. This retrograde will highlight or unearth certain unresolved social conflicts which may then trigger us and affect our clarity to see the best path forward until Venus goes forward again on the 7th of November. THEN the path for correct action will be much clearer.

The lessons of this retrograde are all about rising from the intensity of our emotions (Venus in Scorpio) and moving into the clear, balanced and open heart space (Venus in Libra) of Unconditional Love - this retrograde is about CHOOSING to move out of reaction and into response ….out of fear and into love … and learning how then best to move forward from this place of Higher Wisdom.
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