August Newsletter

August continues the theme of intense and erratic energy that has earmarked the year. This month will be intense, because so many of the major planets are retrograde and erratic because they are aspected by Uranus the planet of unexpected events and circumstances. In fact, Uranus is stationing retrograde - one of the most powerful of times in the retrograde process - the point where a planet seems to stand still in the heavens. As it does it will join Pluto, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn in their retrograde pattern - and is also aspected by retrograde Mars - which will cause unexpected and intense events all the way to the end of the year.

On August 11th there is a partial solar eclipse - the 3rd and last occurring with in the past 2 months. This is a good time to take a moment and to focus on what you want to manifest on an emotional level. What is the emotional theme you want playing in the back-ground of YOUR life? Getting clear on this aspect of life can facilitate a great healing for you - and for those around you - by the full moon on August 26th. This full moon opens a perfect moment in this erratic time to begin to develop concrete plans for creating your future. Make sure they are well grounded in reality and then slowly and carefully begin to move forward with them, always keeping your eyes on the ultimate (and larger) goal of what you what to create. 

Then, in the final days of August, the energy around you will feel different - there will be a sense of the dust settling and the ability to finally get a good look at reality as it manifests around you.

So to recap, August starts off as a wild and crazy kind of month with erratic and unexpected events occurring all around us and ends on a calmer smoother note - hopefully after some deep personal contemplation of what is really emotionally important to you and a better understanding of how to attain it. Keep calm, grounded and centered during the wild rides of energy this month and then you will be in the best position to make use of the beautiful aspects occurring later on in the month.

This is the time to recognize that life really is about living from the heart and to shift from living from your head to living from your heart. A good way to facilitate this shift is to use a HeartMath technique of imagining you are breathing in and out through your heart. Try to do this daily and to maintain this focus for about 12 minutes for maximum benefit.