December Newsletter

IT’S DECEMBER - the last month of the year - and what a wild year it has been.

This year should go on the books as one heck of a wild ride filled with shocks and surprises.

It’s no surprise either because in 2018, every planet in our solar system - except of course for the sun - went retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde in the course of it’s orbit, it appears to be going backwards from our position on Earth. As it does, it tends to intensify the more challenging aspects of consciousness that the planet represents . The opportunity is to be able to see what isn’t working in the areas of that consciousness, to learn the lessons involved and to grow in wisdom from the experiences.

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July Newsletter

Get ready for July…one of the most eventful months of the year

July ushers in a time of change and unexpected events which will continue through the end of September. An intensity of energy is being fueled by 5 retrograde planets and the longest lasting eclipse of the 21st Century! So whatever you do this month, the inclination will be to “Go Big”. Schedule some times to relax and withdraw from the intensity of this month - your body and mind will thank you for it.

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